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Wow! what a great time. Everyone took a stab at their own mix. The kit got us started and then we started mixing in our own spices. It got a little crazy but everyone fun!
— Rusty
We love this knitting set. It has everything you need. I was worried about my daughter being able use, she is younger, but loves to craft! We made Christmas gifts for the family! We will be buy to give for gifts.
— Dawna Baker-Hartman
Love this kit! I got this as a gift for my husband as he loves grilling. We had a few friends over and tried a couple of the different recipes - KC & Carolina. They kept commenting on how good everything was! We put it on chicken before grilling, then we dipped our chicken too just to enjoy it more. It was easy to put the recipes together, and my husband liked the BBQ base that was included. Plus there were a few fun extras in the box for your party.
— Jamie. S.