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About Crative

Crative makes it easy to pick up a new skill or just have fun creating something new. We've done the research,  assembled the tools, and done all of the planning so you can focus on the joy of creating. We've thought of everything inside the boxes so you can think outside of them.

Crative is all about creating. We're into big ideas and having fun. Creativity in a crate is something we started to describe our products, as most of them are do-it-yourself kits. When we put together a product for our customers, we make sure the whole experience is user-friendly from start to finish. After seeing that we could get kids and adults having fun while learning, we knew we were onto something. Typically people don't say they had a great time while trying to pick up a new skill, but here at Crative we make that happen.

To learn more about us, read our blog here.